Küsimused Eesti kohta Prindi




1) What is the climate and the landscape in Estonia like?



2.) What are the customs in your country?

What do you do when you meet a stranger?

Do you queue for things in your country? When?



3.) Please describe us meals and “typical” food in your country.



4.) How long is an average school day and how often do pupils have

breaks in Estonia?

Be so nice and describe us an average school day.



5.) Which subjects do you have in your timetable?



6.) At what age do children start school?

At what age can children leave school?

Please tell us a bit about your education system.


7.) Do you have any famous music groups or singers in your country?


8.) What do you like to do in your leisure time ? (our age)


9.) Do you have any national sport?


10.) Who are your main trading partners?




Thank you!


Your friends from Austria